Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Scroll down to the blog from May and you'll see the original welcome post. That's right! May! As in six months ago. I have Crystal Cuffley (Redheads Review It Better) & Regina Lavonne (Heartfelt Promos) to thank that it is finally going. Not touching the HTML also helped them and me. It seems like everytime I think I have HTML figured out, I actually try to make it work and discover buttons and badges all over the place. I even managed to delete myself as an admin on the blog.  Jokes, curses, and tears aside, I'm going bananas because I can't figure out the basics of HTML. I promise myself one day I will.

2012 has been ... interesting for me. With about 47 days left to the year and 68 days left until the release of PICTURE PERFECT, I'm already starting a happy dance. I'm so grateful to have my family, friends, and fans. 'Til next time! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

To the one I love, who is far away, I miss you more each day. I didn't mean to make this rhyme, but, you know this happens some of the time. Your sisters and I switched exercise routines and, yes, I tried the Gangham thing. I'm sure you don't need to read the post below to know that dance just isn't for me. I had all the rhythm of a tree. :-)

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