The Wicked Allure Series

Wicked Allure

Madigan DeLeon is back in Zachary Steele’s life and back in his bed.  Her heart and body are fully engaged, but her head is urging caution.  Zach is determined to have a second chance with Madi and he’ll let no one stop him from getting it.  Not even Madigan herself.

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  Zach jerked around at the sound of his name. A voice went with the warm body he’d collided with. Not a voice. Her voice. Soft, sexy, curling through him like wisps of smoke. His laughter must have awakened her. His mind immediately rejected the notion she was in bed next to him. Madigan couldn’t be here. She didn’t even know where he lived anymore.

   She was stirring beside him and sitting up, the sheets rustling with her movements.

   The lamplight bathed her honey colored skin with a golden glow. Exotically high cheekbones set in a delicate face attested to the melting pot of her heritage: African-American, Native American, with a smattering of French and Spanish. The black silk sheet she held around her breasts contrasted perfectly with her beautiful complexion.

    Dark hair hung past the graceful curve of her shoulders, cradling her lovely face in a cloud of thick waves. She appeared so fragile and vulnerable. Young. He drew his brows together, reminding himself she was all of those things. He was the sonofabitch who’d thrown her aside.

    Madigan’s topaz eyes were hazy, glazed. Zachary stared at her, baffled, a wild, primitive explosion of pain and sweetness, disbelief and hope bursting through him.


His hands caressed her flat belly, his lips following the same path, kissing each inch of silken skin that he encountered.  When his mouth finally reached the core of her femininity, he stroked her pink flesh with one, long finger, massaging and manipulating her bud, reacquainting himself with the feel and texture of her body.  The thin strip of hair grazed his cheek, the scent of her desire a drug even headier than the cocaine.  Raising her legs so that her knees rested on her shoulders and imprisoning her in that position with his hands, he buried his mouth against her wet heat.
Madigan screamed, jerking against his swiftly moving tongue.  Some of the coke must have gotten onto her clit.  The numbness had worn off, leaving her extra sensitive to touch.  Even as she came, he continued laving her, alternating between slow and tender, and fast and unrelenting.  She was neatly shaved, with just a thin line of stubble surrounding her outer lips.  He tongued her exposed clit, his strokes centered firmly on the pulse point of nerves to be found there.  His nose and mouth pressed against her wet flesh with the barest pressure.  Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he wanted to punish her for remaining so firmly embedded in his psyche.  Then she went wild against him and he forgot about punishments.  Her body was spasming against his tongue, her cries, her pleas incoherent.  Her back arched and she used her hands to push his face against her.  She ground hard against him, convulsing and wild, sobbing and screaming his name. Wetness flooded his mouth and Zach breathed in her scent, high now on her taste.
Wiping his mouth on the crook of his arms, he raised himself on his knees and kept her legs
imprisoned.  She hadn’t yet recovered from her last orgasm.  But as he buried himself inside her and settled her heels on his shoulders, she bucked against him, clawing at his back, her vaginal walls clenching around him.  She moved her head from side to side, bathing his cock with the hot flood of her release.  He lay motionless inside her, allowing the aftershocks of her latest orgasm to subside.  After a moment, he began to move, gritting his teeth against the pleasure.  He was so very deep inside of her that each small shudder she made vibrated through him. 

Coming Soon:
Wicked Addiction: A Wicked Allure Prequel 

When infamous celebutante, Madigan DeLeon, applies for an internship with Zachary Steele's company, he's determined to expose her as a spoiled, little, rich girl who isn't serious about earning a business degree. At 21, Madi is nothing like she's rumored to be. Surprising himself, Zach is drawn to Madigan from their first meeting. A lover of beautiful, older women, Zach resists Madi for as long as he can. In a moment of weakness, he makes love to her. His wicked addiction to the much younger Madi becomes everything that Zach needs. Then, Madi professes her love for him and Zach's reaction to her confession threatens to tear them apart forever.


 Zach's and Madigan's First Meeting:

A voice behind her cleared and Angelle started. “Miss DeLeon, sir,” she announced, stepping aside and revealing a wild little beauty whose photos didn’t begin to do her justice.

His gaze roamed over her from head to toe, searching for a fault to correspond with his preconceived notions, an immediate liability he could wield.

The hem of Madigan DeLeon’s tri-colored dress reached just above her knees. The sleeves were red, the top white and the skirt black, but she wore yellow stiletto pumps. Wisps of hair surrounded her oval shaped face, the dark mass piled atop her head. Her famous topaz eyes burned golden, framed by long eyelashes and perfect eyebrows.

Silent, Zach assessed her, unable to unfasten their locked gazes. Unable to fathom this beautiful creature was actually the whore, spendthrift and party girl reported. Zach was jaded as hell and could detect someone with his same appetites and weaknesses.

Either the press corps should be sued for slander or Miss DeLeon was the best fucking actress he’d ever met.

Zach’s hostility towards her deepened at his surprising reaction to her. His unsmiling regard stole some of the sparkle in her smile. Snapping open the folder Pickhurd sent to him, he nodded to Angelle and waited until she closed the door behind her.

“Mr. Steele,” Madigan DeLeon began the moment his secretary departed. Without invitation, she sashayed to the conference table, her hips swinging, drawing his gaze to her small waist and the flare of her slim hips. “It is a pleasure to meet you, sir.”

Her voice was sexy-soft, almost breathy, sweet.

“I’m Dakota,” his brother said after a moment of Zach’s continued silence. He stood and walked around the table, his hand outstretched. “Dakota Steele. Zach’s brother.”

The full-force of her smile returned and she shook Dakota’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Steele.”

Zach scowled at her, not buying her act for one moment. This humble young woman wasn’t the hell raiser whose snapshot commanded megabucks. She could drop the pretense because he hadn’t changed his mind--hell would have to freeze over before he accepted her as his intern.

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