Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Little Clarity on a Lazy Sunday


My mom and I write novels together. However, I write the blog. Sometimes, you may see 'we', 'ours' and 'I' and 'mine' in the same paragraph. I try to catch the errors, but I've noticed I don't find all of them. Many apologies. :-)
We all spent a bucolic afternoon taking photos on the iMac and listening to Christmas songs. (Yes, bucolic. I know the word refers to the countryside and rural life. There are wheat fields lining both roads you turn off to get to our house and cows, horses, goats, and roosters languishing nearby. There's also skunks, possums, and snakes.)
I'm preparing to watch the new Real Housewives of Atlanta and counting the days until the new episode of Scandal. I've attached one sheet of the many photos we took today. Have a great week!


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