Sunday, November 24, 2013

Guest Post: Inspiration by Dilys J. Carnie

It doesn’t matter how much you want to write there are always days when you think not one more word is going to be written. You search your mind for inspiration to no avail and you think that’s it… your writing career is over.
Ideas are an integral part of a writer’s life and sometimes they become illusive leaving your mind blundering around in the most dramatic, hair pulling “no one else ever has days like this” kind of way.

With your muse struggling to cooperate, inspiration can be found in some of the most unlikeliest places.
“Sing to me oh Muse”…
The nine muses of Greek Mythology were deities that gave artists, philosophers and individuals the necessary inspiration to write. Where are my muses when I’m struggling?

Inspiration can be everywhere and nowhere, perhaps just reading a magazine while having a coffee in your favourite place. People watching (a favourite of mine), television, dreaming about the handsome hero that saves you from all the bad in the world. It could be in the dead of night when you’re half asleep and frantically searching for a pencil and piece of paper, not finding any and ending up writing them on the wall so as not to forget.

The truth is that although I have days when I feel like throwing the towel in…I never would because I love what I do too much and my muse may take a rest now and then but not for long before I am filling the blank page in front of me with a new love story that has me sighing, crying and falling in love all over again.

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